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Enjoy and diamond paint the city that draws your eyes to its beautiful bright glowing light in the dreamscape of the night. It’s an infinite constellation of lights in the world, so choose the city that casts its enchanted spell of its structural perfection to your awestruck wonder. Perhaps, choose your own city and create a statement piece to hang up on your walls. Make a collection of cities by patiently painting with diamonds and having them sparkle and shine just as bright.

Shop and explore the variety of the cityscapes and collect them all! Perhaps even design one with your own name and your city representing as well!

Why Diamond Painting:

-Helps relieve stress, emotional adjustment, active thinking, enchant self-confidence, and patience.

-The afterwork can be used to decorate your home and make like more harmonious

-Experience a sense of achievement, ability and perseverance cultivate patience.

-It is elderly and child friendly.

-Exquisite to give to friends and loved ones to express the importance of a personalized gift and thoughtfulness


**Due to Covid-19 shipment may be delayed upon order.

After receiving your order, it will be sent out in 1-7 days of rechecking and finalizing the product according to your desire. The time It will take your package to arrive depends on the processing speed of your customs and post office.

*If you buy many different products from different listings, they may be sent in different packages.

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**Colors may vary due to difference between computer monitor display. RBG is used for screen display, while CYMK is used when canvas printing**

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