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Enjoy a full DIY time with your kids by creating cute little diamond painting stickers that will help boost their confidence, improve self-worth, enhance focus, elevate motor skills, and teach patience & consistency. Bring the picture to a full 3D effect with sparkly rhinestones that will stimulate their mental growth and give them an artistic exposure.

These stickers also make a great gift for any adults who love scrapbooking, collecting stickers, or enjoying sparkly rhinestone art and collecting them.

Instructions for Diamond Painting:

-Do not let your child sit for more than an hour for diamond painting. It could cause them neck or back pain.

-Arrange a table and chair for your kids where they can sit comfortably

-Watch over the little kids so they don’t swallow the diamonds

-Give them led light pad for a better vision. You don’t want to put extra stress on their eyes.

Why Diamond Painting:

-Helps relieve stress, emotional adjustment, active thinking, enchant self-confidence, and patience.

-The afterwork can be used to decorate your home and make like more harmonious

-Experience a sense of achievement, ability and perseverance cultivate patience.

-It is elderly and child friendly.

-Exquisite to give to friends and loved ones to express the importance of a personalized gift and thoughtfulness


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